Radiology Technician School

Radiology technician schools prepare you with hands-on training and classroom instruction to become a successful radiologist. Radiology technician schools can be found at colleges and universities and offer two year, four year and even certificate degrees and programs. Associate's degrees from an accredited radiology technician school are the most prevalent. read more

Veterinary technician schools and programs: Rewarding jobs working with animals

Many employment opportunities are available if you have an interest in becoming a veterinary technician. Essentially, there are two levels of education for this career: a two-year or four-year program of study, both of which can result in a veterinary technician degree. Veterinary technicians aid veterinarians in all aspects of animal health. read more

Nail Technician Schools Offer Solid Career Opportunities

Jobs in the field of nail technology are expected to increase steadily in the coming years. If you like working with people and are interested in learning about nail artistry, consider training at one of the many nail technology schools throughout the United States. A wide variety of businesses employ nail technicians, such as salons, department stores, cruise liners, and spas. Duties include cleaning and shaping client's fingernails and toenails and polishing or decorating nails. You can also become more specialized in the filed of nail artistry, using freehand and airbrush designs. read more

Biomedical Equipment Technician Schools Provide Opportunity for a Technician's Job in a Medical Environment

A fast growing career field in a hospital is that of a medical equipment repairer, or biomedical equipment technician. It's a very important position in the medical field yet it isn't a medical job- it's technical repair. To be a biomedical equipment tech, usually you have to attend biomedical equipment technician schools. Biomedical equipment technician schools can help prepare you for the stressful yet gratifying repairs on very critical life-saving equipment. read more

Medical Technician Schools Train You for Growing Medical Career Opportunities amidst Down Economy

If you're looking for a medical career with great future potential, look no further than medical technician schools. Most medical technician schools are two-year associate degree programs at community colleges, or certificate programs in the military or hospitals. The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences lists 479 total programs nationwide, so there could be a few medical technician schools near you. read more